The Cruel Truth About Your Makeup Brush

Did you know that most makeup brushes still use animal hair? And did you know that this hair is extracted using barbaric, cruel techniques where animals are often skinned alive?

The Facts:

  • Makeup brushes have traditionally been made of animal fur because the texture of the natural fiber provides a luxurious, even distribution of product & grips color.
  • Animals often used for fur: squirrels, goats, horses and mink.
  • These animals are often raised in labs or bred specifically to provide fur for cosmetic brushes.
  • They are often drowned, electrocuted or skinned alive to preserve the integrity & softness of their fur.

The Deception: 

  • In many instances manufacturers collect their fur through 3rd parties, thereby distancing themselves from the inhumane activity and giving them plausible deniability.
  • Others use scraps or off-cuts of fur from the fur industry and justify it by saying that the animal was killed for other purposes.
  • i.e. the horsehair was obtained at slaughterhouses that use horse parts for other products, so since the horse wasn't killed for makeup brushes specifically, the end product is dubbed cruelty free. 

The misinformation continues on the packaging of makeup brushes as the materials used are generally not listed, so it can be hard to ascertain if a brush is truly cruelty free or not. A rule of thumb is that if it has animal hair in it, something was hurt in its making.

The Solution:

Fear not! Living a cruelty free life does not mean you have to resort to applying makeup with your fingers! There are many excellent synthetic hair makeup brushes on the market that work just as well, if not better than their animal hair counter parts. Plus, synthetic brushes are more hygienic and easier to clean.

Synthetic, vegan brushes have had a lackluster reputation, but there are several excellent lines of brushes designed to mimic natural fibers providing an even color grab and distribution of product. Of course all of our brushes in the Au Naturale Cosmetics range are 100% vegan and cruelty free. They are made from high quality synthetic fibers and provide professional, even coverage. 

The Takeaway: 

  • The more we discuss transparency in the beauty industry, the greater the demand for transparently labeled products. 
  • THIS MEANS: spread the truth, match your purchase to your beliefs & leave the cosmetics industry with no option but to give you a million and one ethical options!