5 Natural Ways To Banish Dark Eye Circles Forever

Because last we checked, under eye bags aren’t anywhere on the trending bag list for 2016…

 Amp up your water intake! 

According to science, the body holds onto water if you aren’t drinking enough, and this water retention is likely to make an appearance under your eyes if you’re run-down. Staying hydrated will both alleviate water retention and flush toxins from your system.  Plant Nanny which tells you how much water you should be drinking in order to keep both you and your virtual plant healthy…you wind up with a slew of adorable pet plants & a nourished bod!

Tea Bags

Once all of the emails have all been read, I give my eyes a tea break. All you have to do is cool two water-soaked tea bags in the fridge for about a half hour before you kick back and set them over your eyes for a ten-minute break. I've found that this ten minutes free of screen time serves to relieve both puffiness and stress.


One of my favorite health bloggers recommends adding Dulse to your diet, as it has a salty taste but is actually very low in sodium.  Dulse is a type of seaweed that is loaded with Iodine...and it doesn’t lose its nutritional value when dried! Sometimes I’ll buy it in flakes, and sprinkle it on my popcorn and other times I crisp it into Dulse chips to snack on at my desk!

Essential Oil

Before bed, I like to mix a drop of lavender oil with a drop of lemon oil and a teaspoon of distilled water…and then massage it under my eyes.  Then in the morning, I massage pure almond oil under my eyes as it helps to balance the water loss in your skin…ultimately reducing inflammation! My routine is a shortened version of the one I found here…there are a number of essential oils that can be use to reduce inflammation if these ones don’t work for you!

 Lemon Water

I shoot for 1-2 mugs of warm lemon water a day when I'm on the anti-eye-circle grind. Lemons have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing swelling. And water is fabulous because well…refer to bullet #1. Not to mention lemon water gives you a nice burst of energy as soon as it enters your digestive system…which makes reducing caffeine a more feasible task [also a huge help in being rid of eye circles].