The V-Neck That's Clean Even When It's Dirty

It began as your average [ethically made] cotton tee, but 7 months & countless Instagram posts later, it has taken on a much more powerful property.  

Simple yet sassy graphic tee's are the name of the game when it comes to street fashion. If you're not layering your fall flannel and denim over a shirt with the Notorioius RBG's face on it, what are you wearing? 

Even better than the perfect graphic tee is one that supports or advocates for something that you believe in.  Cosmetic startup Au Naturale had all of this in mind when they created their #CleanBeautyRevolution v-neck

The front of the shirt draws you in with its geometric design and the back hits you with eye opening facts about the nasty nature of makeup in the United States. 

"Toxic ingredients banned from cosmetics in Europe: 1,300 +. 
  In America? 10."

Aside from making you wonder what those 1,290 ingredients could possible be, the shirt is meant to drive people to the petition created by Au Naturale that demands stricter regulation of ingredients in the products that people use on a daily basis.

The idea is that, if you're putting something onto your skin & thus into your body, it should be required to have a label that provides you with complete and accurate information about what's inside. Seems like a no-brainer, right? All of Europe thinks so too! As do most soon as they are made aware that the issue exists.

Fortunately, the shirt has made waves & grabbed the attention of some of the big players in both the cosmetic and political arenas. The Personal Care Product Safety Act proposed by Sen. Feinstein of California was heard by Congress late September and the process of creating a proper coalition to fight the good fight is in the works.

But still, the most crucial component might very well be this shirt. Why? Because it takes an army to shift demand in the marketplace. And in the age of Instagram, what better way to summon the masses than with a fun new wardrobe piece that tells a story.  

Plus who doesn't love an excuse to post something that isn't the usual coffee cup, boots in leaves or tiny animals in adorable predicaments