This Natural Lipstick Was Curated to Throw Shade at Chanel

Because Who Doesn't Love to Root For The Underdog? 

Coco Chanel's name will forever be a staple in the world of fashion & beauty, but why haven't you heard of her arch rival Elsa Luisa Maria Schiaparelli? 

Coco & Elsa ruled the kingdom of fashion from roughly 1920 to 1940, each with tremendous notoriety and success. Though we often credit DVF with the inception of the wrap dress, it was actually Schiaparelli who first introduced this concept to the world of fashion. She's also responsible for the tennis skort, swimsuits incorporating underwire [praise], visible zippers & the first evening dress with a matching jacket. Yet her name is far from notorious. 

So when a customer came into Au Naturale Cosmetics looking to replicate her discontinued Chanel lipstick, the startup saw the perfect opportunity to champion the underdog. 

A dark matte plum, the new lipstick named Elsa Luisa is right on trend for fall according to NYFW16. And its description boasts confidently that it is indeed "better than Chanel"...but how? 

"It was designed to match the color play & wear of the Chanel sample, but it was then formulated with ingredients that live up to our ethical standards" says Ashley Prange, Founder of Au Naturale Cosmetics. 

"Unlike Chanel, this lipstick is comprised exclusively of natural ingredients including organic essential oils and ethically mined minerals for pigmentation" Prange continued "which means that not only are you getting the bold wine colored lip that is so in this season, but you're nourishing your lips at the same time." 

Au Naturale's Elsa Luisa debuted late September and is $22.00 via their website. 

The V-Neck That's Clean Even When It's Dirty

It began as your average [ethically made] cotton tee, but 7 months & countless Instagram posts later, it has taken on a much more powerful property.  

Simple yet sassy graphic tee's are the name of the game when it comes to street fashion. If you're not layering your fall flannel and denim over a shirt with the Notorioius RBG's face on it, what are you wearing? 

Even better than the perfect graphic tee is one that supports or advocates for something that you believe in.  Cosmetic startup Au Naturale had all of this in mind when they created their #CleanBeautyRevolution v-neck

The front of the shirt draws you in with its geometric design and the back hits you with eye opening facts about the nasty nature of makeup in the United States. 

"Toxic ingredients banned from cosmetics in Europe: 1,300 +. 
  In America? 10."

Aside from making you wonder what those 1,290 ingredients could possible be, the shirt is meant to drive people to the petition created by Au Naturale that demands stricter regulation of ingredients in the products that people use on a daily basis.

The idea is that, if you're putting something onto your skin & thus into your body, it should be required to have a label that provides you with complete and accurate information about what's inside. Seems like a no-brainer, right? All of Europe thinks so too! As do most soon as they are made aware that the issue exists.

Fortunately, the shirt has made waves & grabbed the attention of some of the big players in both the cosmetic and political arenas. The Personal Care Product Safety Act proposed by Sen. Feinstein of California was heard by Congress late September and the process of creating a proper coalition to fight the good fight is in the works.

But still, the most crucial component might very well be this shirt. Why? Because it takes an army to shift demand in the marketplace. And in the age of Instagram, what better way to summon the masses than with a fun new wardrobe piece that tells a story.  

Plus who doesn't love an excuse to post something that isn't the usual coffee cup, boots in leaves or tiny animals in adorable predicaments






5 Natural Ways To Banish Dark Eye Circles Forever

Because last we checked, under eye bags aren’t anywhere on the trending bag list for 2016…

 Amp up your water intake! 

According to science, the body holds onto water if you aren’t drinking enough, and this water retention is likely to make an appearance under your eyes if you’re run-down. Staying hydrated will both alleviate water retention and flush toxins from your system.  Plant Nanny which tells you how much water you should be drinking in order to keep both you and your virtual plant healthy…you wind up with a slew of adorable pet plants & a nourished bod!

Tea Bags

Once all of the emails have all been read, I give my eyes a tea break. All you have to do is cool two water-soaked tea bags in the fridge for about a half hour before you kick back and set them over your eyes for a ten-minute break. I've found that this ten minutes free of screen time serves to relieve both puffiness and stress.


One of my favorite health bloggers recommends adding Dulse to your diet, as it has a salty taste but is actually very low in sodium.  Dulse is a type of seaweed that is loaded with Iodine...and it doesn’t lose its nutritional value when dried! Sometimes I’ll buy it in flakes, and sprinkle it on my popcorn and other times I crisp it into Dulse chips to snack on at my desk!

Essential Oil

Before bed, I like to mix a drop of lavender oil with a drop of lemon oil and a teaspoon of distilled water…and then massage it under my eyes.  Then in the morning, I massage pure almond oil under my eyes as it helps to balance the water loss in your skin…ultimately reducing inflammation! My routine is a shortened version of the one I found here…there are a number of essential oils that can be use to reduce inflammation if these ones don’t work for you!

 Lemon Water

I shoot for 1-2 mugs of warm lemon water a day when I'm on the anti-eye-circle grind. Lemons have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing swelling. And water is fabulous because well…refer to bullet #1. Not to mention lemon water gives you a nice burst of energy as soon as it enters your digestive system…which makes reducing caffeine a more feasible task [also a huge help in being rid of eye circles]. 

The Cruel Truth About Your Makeup Brush

Did you know that most makeup brushes still use animal hair? And did you know that this hair is extracted using barbaric, cruel techniques where animals are often skinned alive?

The Facts:

  • Makeup brushes have traditionally been made of animal fur because the texture of the natural fiber provides a luxurious, even distribution of product & grips color.
  • Animals often used for fur: squirrels, goats, horses and mink.
  • These animals are often raised in labs or bred specifically to provide fur for cosmetic brushes.
  • They are often drowned, electrocuted or skinned alive to preserve the integrity & softness of their fur.

The Deception: 

  • In many instances manufacturers collect their fur through 3rd parties, thereby distancing themselves from the inhumane activity and giving them plausible deniability.
  • Others use scraps or off-cuts of fur from the fur industry and justify it by saying that the animal was killed for other purposes.
  • i.e. the horsehair was obtained at slaughterhouses that use horse parts for other products, so since the horse wasn't killed for makeup brushes specifically, the end product is dubbed cruelty free. 

The misinformation continues on the packaging of makeup brushes as the materials used are generally not listed, so it can be hard to ascertain if a brush is truly cruelty free or not. A rule of thumb is that if it has animal hair in it, something was hurt in its making.

The Solution:

Fear not! Living a cruelty free life does not mean you have to resort to applying makeup with your fingers! There are many excellent synthetic hair makeup brushes on the market that work just as well, if not better than their animal hair counter parts. Plus, synthetic brushes are more hygienic and easier to clean.

Synthetic, vegan brushes have had a lackluster reputation, but there are several excellent lines of brushes designed to mimic natural fibers providing an even color grab and distribution of product. Of course all of our brushes in the Au Naturale Cosmetics range are 100% vegan and cruelty free. They are made from high quality synthetic fibers and provide professional, even coverage. 

The Takeaway: 

  • The more we discuss transparency in the beauty industry, the greater the demand for transparently labeled products. 
  • THIS MEANS: spread the truth, match your purchase to your beliefs & leave the cosmetics industry with no option but to give you a million and one ethical options!