The Dirty Detes : Supply Chain Responsibility ft. Palm Done Right


One of the most disputed ingredients of the now is palm oil. So why are we talking the time today to boast about the fact that you can find it in our products? 

As a brand, our appeal is rooted in our ethical values and ingredient purity which is why our initial message on the inclusion of palm oil was confusing to many. Our relationship with palm oil suppliers, Palm Done Right, is the perfect example of why it is so crucial for companies to be mindful at each step in their supply chain.

What's the deal with palm oil?

Palm oil is traditionally linked with problematic farming practices that lead to deforestation, specie endangerment and endless pollution.  This is because it is an incredibly versatile substance with a vast array of uses and benefits and can now be found in "over half of the consumer products found in an average American home.

As the demand for palm oil increased over the past several decades, the producers of the ingredient scaled up their operations to capitalize on the opportunity - but they did so in a way that prioritized profit over any other negative externalities. Today, the vast majority of palm oil is produced on a large plantation with the slash-and-burn agricultural methods that are responsible for rampant CO2 emission and destruction of biodiversity. 

So then how does one do palm oil, correctly?

Palm Done Right is taking a stand in favor of the environment by being the first to offer accountability and transparency in the palm oil production process. They have done this by finding alternate farming methods that reduce CO2 emission, fuel biodiversity and empower the community involved in the process. Not only have they proven that it is indeed possible to farm palm oil on a large scale while maintaining high ethical standards, but they have also created certifications to encourage other farmers to do the same.  

Supply Chain Responsibility 

As a company - we choose to hand pick suppliers who hold the same values as we do. If we were to include an organic palm oil that was also responsible for a big ugly carbon footprint and the death of an orangutang family - our product wouldn't truly fulfill our company mission. Thus, we choose to support suppliers who are getting it right and changing the norm. Because to support these suppliers means drive change in the industry at large. 

The same can be said for consumers - but rather in the final link of the supply chain.  I.e. when purchasing makeup, it is important to pay attention to the details - and to support the companies who are fighting for a healthier, more ethical, more sustainable norm.  Your purchase is a vote in the direction of that company's practices and beliefs. 

Our Founder's Take: 

“People want to have healthier, cleaner, more ethical alternatives. It is up to us to provide them not only with a product that was creative mindfully and transparently, but also to see to it that they have the information they need to advocate. It’s about making sure that the consumer knows the power they possess to create a demand for ethical options by supporting the people who are getting it right.”

Which Au Naturale products include palm oil from Palm Done Right? 

We first introduced palm oil to the production process when we began formulating the su/Stain, the semi-matte liquid lip stick. At this point, this is the only collection that includes palm oil, but we plan to adjust formulations in months to come with the hopes of including palm oil in many of the creme bases. 

Have more questions on Palm Done Right or palm oil in general?! Ask below, or reach out to us via social media! 


Team Au Naturale