The Dirty Detes: An Intro to Earth Month + Water Quality

At Au Naturale, we take Earth Day very seriously...which is why we turn it into an entire month! 

If you've made it this far, you've probably already read that this year to celebrate, we are donating 10% of April's profits to The Nature Conservancy. We're also going to be tackling a new Earth Month related topic each week via IG Live + this blog series - so follow @aunaturalelife on Instagram to stay in the know! 

To kick the month off, I wanted to spend this week talking about 1] why The Nature Conservancy and 2] Water Quality. So let's jump in! 

Q: Why did you choose to highlight + support The Nature Conservancy?

A: The Nature Conservancy's mission to preserve lands and waters extends beyond preservation; their scope also takes into consideration the intricacies of the modern world and focuses on multifaceted approaches ensuring nature thrives. We chose to support Nature Conservancy because their positive impact is felt globally, and their mission hits me at a personal level as the lands I love in my home of Door County enjoy the sanctuary of The Nature Conservancy's protection. 

Q: How does The Nature Conservancy tie into this week's topic of Water Quality? 

A: Our waters are a precious resource that must be managed properly to accommodate the world's rapidly growing population. Waters and Oceans are two of the five focus area's of the Nature Conservancy's mission.  Their team researches overwhelming water concerns, and finds solutions to improving water quality and supply, protecting, managing, and offering water security across the globe. For more information on how they are grappling with some of the largest water concerns humanity has ever been faced with, click here

Q: Is it safe to assume water is safe to drink in most areas in the US? 

A:  It is NOT. Our trusted friends at the Environmental Working Group have worked incredibly hard of the years to produce alarming data showcasing drinking water concerns in the United States. I was shocked to learned of contaminates found in my zip code's drinking water. To check out their drinking water database, and learn how your drinking water rates, click here.

Q: What can we do to advocate for water protections? 

A: There is a short term, and long term solution. One way to immediately improve your drinking water is to purchase a filter, and filter the water you consume. I use a Britta water filter system at home.  The real solution is to fight for protections and improvement through the vehicle of policy and advocacy. Teach others of the real issues we are facing with our water ways, and the water we drink. Speak up and make your voice heard through your elected officials; challenge your local and federal elected officials to take on the important health and environmental issues associated with our water. We CAN change policy by using our voice! Speak up and get involved in protecting our water! To stay current with water issues happening on the national stage, click here.


Ashley Prange