The Dirty Detes : Packaging Sustainability

As a brand, we spend a lot of our time speaking to the ethics & standards we hold our product to - but just as crucial to note are the ethics & standards we apply to the packaging it comes in.

According to the The Ocean Conservancy, researchers suggest there are as many as 51 trillion pieces of microplastic in our oceans at present. So what does this have to do with cosmetic packaging? And why should you care?!

The plastics in our oceans are problematic for an array of reasons including but not limited to: endangerment of seabird species who confuse plastic for food and wind up malnourished, the health of sea turtles who confuse plastic bags for jelly fish & of course the health of human beings who consume fish that are contaminated with microplastics. 

So how does this plastic land in the ocean?! Poor recycling practices.

As a company we make it a point to avoid plastic - our components are mostly aluminum and the boxes they come in are 100% post consumer waste.  We want to make it easy for consumers to make purchasing decisions that they can feel good about in terms of both their health and the environment. That said, we recognize that avoiding plastic packaging entirely is near impossible in this day and age. 

Thus it boils down to 1) choosing sustainable options when possible & 2) recycling properly - whether your waste is plastic or not. 

So in the spirit of #EarthMonth, check out this fine resource on all things recycling to be sure that you are doing your part to keep waste from winding up in the ocean.

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Team Au Naturale