CBR Updates: Q&A with Ashley Prange

Q: First of all, why is now such a pivotal time to get behind the Clean Beauty Revolution? 

A: Because the bill, the Personal Care Product Safety Act (PCPSA), has made it closer to a vote in the Senate.  After 6 years of work we are elated to see this progress & enthusiastic to be a step closer to a cleaner cosmetic industry. It's been recently announced that the PCPSA made it past the HELP committee, the farthest cosmetic legislation has gone in 80 years. We need continued support for a bill in the Senate. 

Q: Ok, so some back story - what is the Clean Beauty Revolution? 

A: We've been on the hill for 6 years asking congress for legislation to protect consumers. Since 2015, we've been behind Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) & Susan Collins (R-ME) who introduced the PCPSA. The bill proposes requirements for cosmetic companies to ensure consumer safety by requiring questionable ingredients to be reviewed each year.  

Q: Why should consumers support the PCPSA? 

A: In a perfect world we could assume that if a product is for sale, it must be safe. Most assume this is common practice now, it is not.  However, in the US only 11 chemicals have been banned from use in cosmetic products, while the EU has banned over 1,300.  The purpose of this bill is to create safeguards that would require the beauty industry to be more transparent about the ingredients they are using, and to protect the consumer.  

Q: Why does the PCPSA need revision?

A: After the HELP committee reviewed the PCPSA, they have issued their own version for Senate approval. This version needs to include the parameters that Feinstein and Collins put forward. Here are the issues that I'm discussing with Senators and HELP today: 

  1. Be sure FDA is measuring long term health effects of ingredients
  2. The FDA must have the authority to recall bad products
  3. The FDA must maintain authority to review bad ingredients rather than companies reviewing their own 
  4. The industry is subject to specific compliance, like having GNP's 

Q: So what can you do? 

A: Submit comments addressing the concerns above to the HELP Committee by March 15th…they are in charge of prepping the bill before it is voted on by Congress members. Send said concerns to cosmeticsdraft@help.senate.gov by Mach 15th! 

If you have any questions regarding the movement or what you can do to join forces as a #CleanBeautyRevolutionary , email us at info@aunaturaleglow.com!